Reflection by Fr. Slowiak

Concerning the Family

Matthew notes that the family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph is in political hot water from the delivery of the Son . . . Matthew’s way of making it clear from the beginning that this newborn king is not of the world we have created.

The family becomes refugees. Yes, there families become refugees because of natural disaster or climate change, but here, the reason is political. The family has left their homeland but they are not left by God. God is with them, even in the pagan land of their ancestors, Egypt. And God returns with them to Nazareth. God’s purposes will not be defeated by tyrants or by political turmoil and oppression.

And thinking in the night . . . In a manner of speaking are not all families refugees if family is understood to be a relationship that strives to imitate God? Refugees from the point having to decide to leave the perpetual and noisy impulse of materialism and artificial needs and develop a safe environment where care, concern, compassion, adult modeling and the attitude of “we want to be together” that is life-giving and respect the nobility and dignity of each person in communion with God in the world we’ve created?