Reflection by Fr. Slowiak

“How come we have to come to church every Sunday and listen to the same stories again and again?”  a pastor was asked by an adolescent in the parish.

“Good question!” said the pastor.  “Why do we keep going over the same material Sunday after Sunday?  Well, becoming a disciple of Jesus doesn’t come naturally.  No one is born knowing these Jesus stories.  All of us are dependent on having someone to tell us the truth, to share with us the stories.  Since there are many counter stories in the world, on the web, on TV, that try to tell you who you are and what you are supposed to be doing in the world, stories that are the opposite of the truth of Jesus, we have to telling these stories into you, week after week, reiterating, repeating.  This truth is so strange and so different, it requires weekly repetition.

“Does that help?” the pastor asked.  “Not much,” the young man responded.