Reflection by Fr. Slowiak


We read passages from the scriptures that reflect an mage of God, the testimony of those who experienced God . . . Images of a strong God in some verses, others of God as a caretaker of creation, others of God as the head of a family, others of God who is sympathetic, who feels our pain. Interesting is the conversation, the questioning, the wondering that leads some to define the universe as operating according to unchangeable natural laws that God doesn’t want to disrupt by getting personally involved. . . so when nature comes crashing down on us for reasons we cannot explain or analyze, we gravitate toward an image of God who says, on the words of one writer, “You know my office hours. See you at ten o’clock on Sunday. Who gave you my home number?”

But is this the God who took on human flesh and our nature to the gate of Jerusalem and out to Calvary?