Reflection by Fr. Slowiak

We hear today, Jesus criticize those who, through their  scriptural study and their deep, active piety, are God’s closest friends . . . “It’s time for judgment to begin with  God’s own household” (1 Pet 4:17).

The gospel communities have Jesus say nothing about criticizing other religious traditions.  And none of his criticism of his fellow Jews is as harsh as his criticism of  his own disciples, his twelve closest friends.

Dorothy Day, in The Long Loneliness, describes her rough journey into Catholicism.  On the way she discovered Saint Teresa of Avila and knew a kinship with her. Day noted the story of how Teresa, traveling to found a convent, was thrown from her donkey and into a stream and relates that Jesus said, “See, that’s how I treat my friends.”  Dripping wet and angry, Teresa replied, “And that is why You have so few.”

So, in our aspiration to be a friend of Jesus i.e. faith, like all relationships we need to be prepared for difficult times and rough treatment, as rough as Jesus’ treatment of the Jewish religious law legal experts, the scribes.