Sacred Worship Committee

January 07, 2020

October 1, 2019

March 5, 2019

Regarding the concept of Mass Intentions/Offerings. Initially when the Church gathered prayer for particular needs, concerns were voiced in the General Intercessions. Following the historical line, the Sacrament of Eucharist became a “performed drama” to be observed and the General Intercessions were dismissed in the Middle Ages. So, the folks, in their collective and pastoral wisdom and because their work schedule did not allow them to be present, began to contact a priest and ask if he would remember their needs and concerns into the celebration on his own, outside of the ritual. Thus the ‘Mass Intention and Offering’ was born and an offering was given to support the priest because he received no salary and many were employed outside of the parish during the week.

The General Intercessions were restored by the Second Vatican Council but the tradition continues. Contact Father Slowiak to schedule a particular day. No offering is asked but many continue the tradition and the usual offering is $10.

Candles at the shrines of Mary and Mark are “signs” of requests for prayer. “Reading the signs,” it is our tradition to add these requests of the parish into our prayer whether we know the particulars or not. The tall candles burn for five days. The usual offering is $5. Because of the number of small candles at the Shrine of Mary, a request for a 5 day candle is made through the Parish Offices and we are limited to two per week. The number of 5 day candles at the Shrine of Saint Mark is limited to seven per week. The small candles (8 hr) at the Shrine of Mary are available for a free will offering.

The Ministry of Prayer in the parish welcomes prayer requests. It is their commitment to pray daily for the requests brought forward to Parish Offices. Father Slowiak carries them to the Ministry of Prayer.